Frequently Asked Questions – Gemini Comic Supply

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Do you have a store where I can pick up my order directly?

Orders are not available for pick-up from us directly; however, we do have a network of comic shops who carry some of our products. Please check our Authorized Retailer page for more information.


Can you make custom mailers with my logo?

We can accommodate custom orders with the minimum order quantity of 10,000 mailers. There is also a one-time fee of $450 for the production of your printing plates. Please contact us for additional details.


Where are your products made?

Our products are made from corrugated materials sourced and manufactured in the United States. 


What is the 200lb test and why does it matter?

The 200lb test refers to the bursting strength. Greater bursting strength allows for fewer crushed and damaged boxes during shipping—meaning safe delivery of your products leading to happier customers. 


What does 44-ECT mean and why does it matter?

ECT “Edge Crush Test” is a newer test developed to look specifically at how much force a corrugated material can withstand on its edges without crushing or its stacking strength. A score of 44 means a box can stand up to approximately 90lbs.


I’m having trouble constructing Gemini Comic Flash Mailers™. Do you have instructions available?

Contact us to receive a link to a step-by-step video.

Gemini Comic Flash Mailers™

Can I ship the Flash Mailer by itself, or does it need to go inside another envelope?

The Gemini Comic Flash Mailer™ is intended to ship without additional packaging; however, it does fit well in a USPS Priority Flat Rate (legal sized). Doing so will provide extra protection along the edges and qualify the shipment for USPS Priority Flat Rate pricing.


Why does the Flash Mailer not fit in my USPS Flat Rate envelope?

The Gemini Comic Flash Mailer™ is intended to be used with the legal sized envelopes, which are longer and not typically carried in post offices. They can be ordered for free on the USPS website.


Can I ship comics in Mylar bags using Flash Mailers?

Yes, the internal dimensions of the Flash Mailers are 7.5” wide, which is sufficient for Silver and Current sized Mylar bags


Can I ship toploaders in Flash Mailers?

No, toploaders are generally too tall to use  Gemini Comic Flash Mailer™. Please, consider using our Printed Media Mailers instead


Gemini Flash Mailer Filler Pads

Can I ship with the Flash Mailer Filler Pads by themselves?

No, the Gemini Flash Mailer Filler Pads are intended to be used with Gemini Comic Flash Mailer™.  


Gemini Printed Media Mailers

Can I ship comic books in Printed Media Mailers?

The best use for Gemini Printed Media Mailers are magazines and oversized books, but up to 20 comic books can be packed into the mailer. However, void fill will need to be added to prevent movement during transit.


Can graded comics be shipped in the Printed Media Mailer?

No, graded comics are too long to fit in the Gemini Printed Media Mailer.  


Gemini Printed Media Mailer Filler Pads

Can I ship with the Printed Media Mailer Filler Pads by themselves?

No, the Gemini Printed Mailer Filler Pads are intended to be used with Gemini Printed Flash Mailers.  


Gemini Comic Divider Pads

What are the Comic Divider Pads made from?

Unlike expensive plastic dividers, our mailers are made from rigid corrugated paper for economically organizing any size collection.


Are Comic Divider Pads box dividers or for shipping?

Gemini Comic Divider Pads were made to serve as box dividers; however, their size and rigid construction provides additional value as filler pads for added protection in Gemini Comic Flash Mailer™ and Gemini Printed Media Mailer shipments.


Gemini Subscription Box Kits

How many filler pads are included in the Subscription Box Kits?

The kits are sold in configurations of one and two filler pads for every box. For example, a 25 Subscription Box Kit is sold with options for 25 filler pads or 50 filler pads.


Can I use Mylar bags with the Subscription Boxes?

No, the Gemini Subscription Boxes are sized to precisely fit regular Current and Silver sized boards in regular polyethylene bags. Because Mylar is more rigid than Polyethylene, the bags must be wider and will not fit in the box.


Short/Long Comic Storage Boxes

Why is there an additional base piece for the long boxes?

Traditional roll-end style comic boxes contain an empty space below the handles where comic books can easily bow causing spin ticks and creases. Our boxes eliminated this design flaw by having the panels meet at the bottom; however, in the long boxes an extra piece is needed to fill the gap.   


Will comics get stuck in the base seams?

Extensive testing indicated that comic books moved freely across the base seams of a properly constructed box without catching. However, if the box has been damaged in such a way that there is a gap between the panels, packing tape can be used to secure the base.


Will the box fit Mylar bags?

Yes, our boxes are made slightly wider than traditional comic boxes to accommodate Mylar bags.


Will the box fit graded comic books?

No, graded comic books are too wide to fit in the comic storage boxes. Please subscribe to our newsletter for new product updates for graded comic book boxes.