No Hassle Shipping Protection – Gemini Comic Supply

Of course your order is guaranteed to arrive complete and free from severe damage!  This is not another disingenuous e-commerce feature to force you to pay for something that should already be expected.  However, we have all experienced frustrating carrier delays and transit problems - particularly during the busy holiday season.  This coverage allows us to resolve carrier-related transit issues at our cost to ensure fastest resolution of the problem.

Why we have this

Periodically we experience transit errors such as lost and misrouted packages; particularly during this time of the holiday season.  While such issues are typically resolved by the carrier (eventually), they can cause extensive delays. 

How it works

This enhanced coverage is intended to fast-track carrier-related transit issues before the carrier even completes their investigation of the issue.  In most cases, we will immediately ship a replacement to you while we work with the carrier to address the issue.

What it is NOT

Please note that this coverage is not intended for fulfillment delays.   While we strive to ship every order within one or two business days, we also periodically experience unexpected issues in our supply chain.   Such events will usually be posted on the announcement banner of the website. 

This coverage is also not intended to cover minor delays beyond the estimated delivery date when the package is likely to reach you before a replacement. 


Example 1: Your package was expected on the 12th.   It is now the 15th and there has not be a status update on the tracking for several days.

Covered - We will assume the package is lost and ship a replacement to you.

Example 2: You live in Florida and your package was misrouted to California.

Covered - This delay exceeds our expected replacement time.   We will send a replacement immediately while the errant package is rerouted

Example 3: You live in Michigan and your package is delayed a few days due to inclement weather.

Not Covered - We cannot ship you a replacement that will arrive any sooner than the original package. 

How to file a claim

To open a claim, please complete the Claim Form.   We will respond to you within one business day.